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Fish always look good in pictures, because they can't blink.

This is the gallery where you'll see pictures of fish and related stuff. You'll see me and the boat, photogenic fish, and maybe even yourself if you haul in a great catch. Click on any photo to get a closer look.

Drew with Tarpon Not bad for his first tarpon.

9 Year Old Drew caught his first tarpon and his first snook while fishing with Captain Scott over the summer. One this one trip, Drew caught tarpon, snook, false albacore, barracuda, rainbow runners and blue runners.

Scott with Castnet Getting live chum.

Here Captain Scott throws a 12 ft cast net to get live chum. Using live pilchards and glass minnows for chum can be very effective, both inshore and off. There's nothing like the thrill of watching a school of hungry tarpon or false albacore tear into the baits. The Eat Me fly is designed to match the baits that are used for live chumming.

Night Snook Nighttime Snook Fishing

Fishing for Snook takes on a whole different meaning when it's done at night. Big fish cruise around brightly lit docks looking for an easy meal. Jim Gray caught this dock snook using the Hamilton EatMe fly.

Eatme Flies The Hamilton EATME Fly.

I started tying this pattern in '94 when Rich DeVito, owner of the Southern Angler fly shop in Stuart, Florida, came back from the Denver Fly Show with a hunk of this nylon stuff, brand new to the market and with no exisisting patterns using it. He said "here, do something with this" A lengthy evolution ensued, and this is what came of it. Hands down, the most effective streamer fly I have ever seen.

Sailfish On Fly Jim catches a sailfish.

Here is Jim wrestling with a sailfish. Jim is the one on top. You'll notice excellent form by Jim, as he grabs the fish by the bill and knees him in the spine.

Barracuda Barry and Scott with a Barracuda.

Barry Brimmacomb and Captain Scott with a nice barracuda caught off of the Palm Beach Inlet. This fish was jumping all over live pilchards being used to chum up big snook. He was a lot less interested in the pilchards after getting hooked up. These big cuda's can put on a real show in shallow water.

Drew with Tarpon Scott and Friend Smile for the Camera

This is a spinner shark I caught offshore while fishing with a few friends. When these guys get hooked, they jump all the way out of the water. They don't call them spinner sharks for nothing.

Drew with Tarpon Wahoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the most colorful and speedy offshore predators in all of the ocean. OK, so maybe this one qualifies as a "weehoo".

Truly an amazing fish up close, the sharpest dental equipment on the planet, 60+ mph, and GREAT EATING!!!

The only drawback is that there aren't schools of them in close to shore to play with.